Androzen Plus Emulator

Download Androzen Plus Emulators for Your Tizen devices.
  • These ACLs will only work on your Tizen devices if you have done firmware update.For Firmware Update visit Here

1. Andro-Zen Plus Acl for Z1 (Mod+micG) 2.2.907
2. Andro-Zen Plus Acl for Z2 & Z3 (Mod+micG) 2.2.860
3. Andro-Zen Plus Acl for Z4 (Mod+micG) 2.3.139


Steps to install:

  • First do Firmware Update on your Tizen Device.
  • Uninstall Acl for Tizen from your Tizen Device.
  • Install Androzen Plus Acl on your Tizen device.
  • After installing it, you will be able to run all Androzen apps on your Tizen phone.